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    Welcome to the official website for OzHadou Nationals 11 (OHN11). Here you will find all the information you need about the next installment of Australia’s longest running fighting game event. In February 2013 players from all over the country will come together under one roof to compete for the title of national champion.

    Are you the best in Australia? Prove it.

    We are also officially a part of the Road to EVO2013 International line up.


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27.2.13 - Results and Match Video Archives

The 11th OzHadou Nationals is done and dusted. We have crowned 5 new OHN champions hailing from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Below you’ll find the top 8 results for all of the official tournaments at OHN11, as well as the top 3 for the DIY tournaments.

If you missed any of the OHN11 action you can catch it all in the stream archive over at the OzHadou Twitch TV channel. Study the matches and relive the excitement of the event in all its hype-inducing, interstate-rivalry-fuelled glory. Special thanks to JB and his team for delivering an incredible, comprehensive stream experience and video archive for both the people at the event and the viewers at home.

Thank you to everyone that supported OHN this year, including the organising committee, volunteers, competitors, spectators, sponsors, gaming press and various communities that all came together to make OHN11 one of the best multi-game tournaments ever run in Australia.

To discuss the tournament and provide feedback on everything and anything related to OHN11, please visit the OHN11 results thread on the OzHadou forums.

Super Street Fighter IV: AE v.2012
1. [VIC] gb
2. [NSW] ShangTsung
3. [VIC] SL.SoL
4. [NSW] robsux
5. [VIC] DB ToXY
5. [NSW] Genxa
7. [NSW] Punk
7. [VIC] Zgeus

       Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1. [NSW] MMT
2. [NSW] Kantoro
3. [VIC] X
4. [VIC] talons
5. [NSW] Zhan
5. [NSW] Lord Silver
7. [QLD] Marimo-San
7. [NSW] Meat

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1. [NSW] Arnold Desu
2. [VIC] Antman
3. [QLD] Ghandi aka Low Blow
4. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [VIC] Somniac
5. [QLD] Baxter
7. [QLD] Tyrone
7. [VIC] DB ToXY

       The King of Fighters XIII
1. [QLD] ON|Colonov
2. [WA] derrace
3. [NSW] Chen
4. [VIC] Ero_Oyaji
5. [SA] Nerk
5. [NSW] Alexk
7. [QLD] Qmar
7. [SA] A1Major

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
1. [VIC] AlexMD2011
2. [NSW] Megadeath
3. [NSW] kientan
4. [NSW] MadeMan
5. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [NSW] Chill
7. [NSW] CrowdPleasingMoves
7. [VIC] Berzerk!
       Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike OE
1. [NSW] Genxa
2. [NSW] MN
3. [VIC] DB ToXY

Dead or Alive 5
1. [VIC] Berzerk!
2. [VIC] AlexMD2011
3. [VIC] Gab

21.2.13 - Pro-Tips for Enjoying OHN11

Whether OHN11 is your first fighting game tournament or your hundredth, it’s always nice to arrive informed about any nuances particular to the event. With this in mind we’ve prepared a list of 10 “pro-tips” for enjoying OHN11 over on the OzHadou forums.

Follow the link to read some last-minute advice on what you can expect to find when you arrive at OHN11 this weekend.

20.2.13 - Live Online Tournament Brackets

Once again we are providing all official tournament brackets for OHN live online. This year we’re using Challonge as our online bracket portal, a platform that will no doubt be familiar to the bulk of competitors, spectators and stream viewers for OHN11.

Below is a complete list of Challonge bracket links for all the official tournament pools running on Saturday the 23rd of February. There are also links to the finals brackets which will be run down to the Final 4 on Saturday evening, with the remainder played out on the main stage and stream channel on Sunday the 24th of February.

Players can also confirm their pool assignments by checking the attendees page. Use the links provided in the attendees list to jump straight to your pool in Challonge.

Remember to check the schedule page to confirm the times for all brackets at OHN11.

Super Street Fighter IV: AE v.2012

       Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

       The King of Fighters XIII

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

13.2.13 - Registrations Closed

Registrations for OHN11 are now officially closed as we’ve reached our venue cap of 200 attendees. Thanks to everyone that has registered for OHN11. As always the brackets are stacked with top players from all around Australia and we’re very much looking forward to seeing who the OHN11 champions will be.

Now that registrations are closed we need everyone to check the attendees list to make sure their details are correctly recorded, including any qualifier points that people have earned. People have until Friday the 16th of February to claim their ranking points. Any points unclaimed after Friday will automatically be forfeited.

The OHN Team looks forward to meeting all of you in Sydney very soon.

11.2.13 - DIY Tournaments Selected

Applications for DIY tournaments at OHN11 have closed. We’re pleased to announce that the DIY tournaments at OHN11 will be Soul Calibur V, Dead or Alive 5 and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition.

The scheduled times for these tournaments can be found on the schedule page. For more details regarding each DIY tournament please visit the OzHadou forums.

Thanks to everyone that submitted applications for running DIY tournaments at OHN11.

9.2.13 - Schedule Now Available

The OHN11 schedule is now available. Visit the schedule page for full details outlining when everything will be taking place during OHN11. The schedule will be revised as DIY tournaments are finalsed and once registrations have closed.

Speaking of registrations, we have now reached 75% of venue capacity. Remember that registrations will close on Monday the 18th of February OR once we reach the venue capacity limit. Please make sure you register soon to avoid missing out!

2.2.13 - Qualifier Results and Rank Seeds

A summary of the results from the nationwide OHN qualifier tournament series is now available on the OHN11 qualifiers page. Here you’ll find all the data we have on which players have earned rank seeding points for use at OHN11.

Remember that you must register in order to use any ranking points you’ve earned. Once you’ve registered your total ranking points will be shown on the attendee list. Points are cumulative for each individual game across multiple qualifier events and are awarded to players that placed top 4 in each official OHN11 tournament game.

Note that ranking points do NOT guarantee you entry at OHN11 if you fail to register before the cut-off date or if you don’t register before we reach our venue cap, so make sure you register as soon as you can!

30.1.13 - Call for Volunteers

Large scale tournaments like OHN require a multitude of staff in order to run smoothly and successfully. While the OHN Team covers a lot of ground, there simply isn’t enough of us to get everything done during the tournament.

Once again we’re issuing a public call for volunteers. If you’d like to be an OHN11 volunteer, email us with the following information:

  • Name and mobile number;
  • Volunteer availability (i.e. days and times) during OHN11;
  • Past experience running tournaments (if any);
  • Preferred tasks during OHN11 (if any).

Successful applicants will have their OHN11 venue entry fees refunded and receive an official OHN11 staff t-shirt. Please note that this year we’ll be minimising staff rotations between tasks so that we can better prepare people for their duties and give them a chance to perfect their assigned tasks.

Applications will close on Monday the 11th of February, which isn’t far away, so please get your applications to us promptly.

27.1.13 - Rules updated for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The OHN11 tournament rules have been updated for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. If you’re planning on competing in the TTT2 tournament at OHN11, be sure to take note of the following changes and incorporate them into your preparations.

  1. In-game macros (e.g. LP+LK bound to a single button) are banned. Please note this is an exception to the global rules for other official OHN11 tournaments.
  2. All console exclusive characters are banned, including Mokujin who can imitate these characters. The complete list of banned characters is:
    • Alex
    • Ancient Ogre
    • Angel
    • Combot
    • Doctor Boskonovitch
    • Forest Law
    • Kunimitsu
    • Michelle
    • Miharu
    • Mokujin
    • P.Jack
    • Sebastian
    • Slim Bob
    • Tiger
    • Unknown
    • Violet

The Australian TTT2 community has collectively agreed to these rules in a bid to make the OHN11 tournament as close to the arcade experience as possible.

For further discussions please visit the OHN11 thread on the OzHadou forums.

26.1.13 - DIY Tournament Applications Open

With an expanded line-up of official games at OHN11 the amount of space available for DIY tournaments will be limited. With this in mind we’re holding an application process to allocate the DIY space at OHN11.

To apply for DIY space please send an email to ohn@ozhadou.net with the subject line “OHN11 DIY Application”. In your email you must provide details for each of the following items.

  • DIY Game.
  • Total number of setups being provided.
  • Expected number of participants. (Include a link to online evidence supporting this estimate e.g. DIY sign-up thread on the OzHadou forums).
  • The names of everyone helping to run the DIY.
  • A brief history of your tournament-running experience. Include the experience of any helpers where applicable.
  • Any interest in being eligible for Evo 2013 seeds (if applicable).

Submissions will close on Saturday the 9th of February. The OHN team will review all submissions and announce DIY space allocations on Monday the 11th of February.

We look forward to another round of successful DIY tournaments at OHN11.